What’s a Tory? Part 723

I have an ongoing theme on this blog about the ideology of Progressive Conservatives in New Brunswick. As you know, I lean small c conservative in my politics and my views on the interaction between government and the people. But, mostly based on my experience, I tend to give ideology a wide berth on many issues because of the insanity of hard and fast positions on a lot of it.

But I never – in 20 years – could figure out what it meant to be a PC in New Brnswick. Never. Richard Hatfield was anything but a Tory in the classic sense. Bernard Lord said he was a fiscal conservative and then rung up government spending at over twice the rate of economic growth in the province during his time in office.

Now I have been reading Jeannot Volpe’s response to the proposed tax reform in New Brunswick and am amazed at his hard left stance – talking about how it will favour big corporations and hurt the little guy. Slamming the notion of a flat tax which is universally considered a ‘conservative’ idea.

To listen to Volpe, a conservative is about “lookin’ out for the little guy” and protecting them from the evil corporation.

But isn’t that ideological ground already a crowded space in Canada?