They like us, they really do

That title is a little play on John Candy’s words in Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Just to pick up on the immigration theme that I am spending more time on lately.

It is my sense that there is a small group of people out there that are ideal targets for immigration to New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada. There are folks that want to be in a less populated area, feel really safe walking down the street at night, drive 5 minutes to work, buy a house for a reasonable cost, live beside relatively friendly people. In my consultations with immigrations so far, the winter wasn’t even that much of a concern.

But they need the economic opportunity which falls into several areas: 1. Good job (job that represents at least an equivalent to their old country); 2. Spousal opportunities; 3. Career path options (if the current job doesn’t work out) and 4. A relatively good cost of living (compared to thier old country).

If you match the economic opportunity with the profile of the person who would like to live here you will get long term, successful immigrants that add fully to the fabric of society.

If one or the other of those are mis-aligned (lifestyle expectations or economic opportunity) you will get out-migration and/or bitter immigrants that are anything but a testimonial for living here.

For example, if an immigrant came to Moncton for a job without assessing the lifestyle and would have much preferred a large urban centre, they will not be happy. Conversely, if they love Moncton but their job is below expectation or their spouse can’t find work, they will not be happy.

There are no easy answers to this but ultimately the closer we can align these two issues the better chance of success.