Grab some of that pie

You know that a number of Canadian universities and colleges are going to be all over this. I wonder if New Brunswick’s schools even have this on the radar:

India asked Canada on Saturday to share its knowledge and make investment in education sector as the country is embarking on a major expansion of its higher learning infrastructure by investing Rs 85,000 crore during the 11th Five Year Plan period. “India is on verge of a ‘knowledge revolution’ and if both countries work together in this field, and Canada shares its excellence in higher learning with India, it will go a long way in strengthening bilateral relations,” R P Aggarwal, Higher Education Secretary in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, said while addressing the annual meeting of board of directors of Indo-Canadian Shastri Institute here, attended by senior officials of both the countries. He said that during the 11th Plan, the Government proposed to set up 30 central universities, eight IITs and 10 National Institutes of Technologies.

UNB – Bangalore, anyone? UdeM – Mumbai? How does Mount Allison – Pune sound to you?

New revenue stream for university
Linkage into one of the fastest growing economies in the world
Excellent tool for streaming potential immigrants (two years in Bangalore, two years in Fredericton)
Excellent tool to build linkages with India’s multinationals that are investing abroad.