Boneheads abound

I usually don’t call people boneheads but come on:

Jason Childs, an economist with the University of New Brunswick in Saint John, said the Bathurst call centre closure may be an indicator of a boom in the local or the provincial economy. “It could indicate that the economy around Bathurst has gotten a lot better in the last year or two,” he said. “Or it could mean that with the economy improving in places like Saint John, the people who were in Bathurst and would be working in a call centre there are here.”

Do professors live completely in isolation? Are they hermetically sealed into their academic bubbles?

It is far more likely that the people won’t work $9/hour jobs. “Boom in the local economy” Come on. Companies were having trouble recruiting $9/hour call centre workers when there was 18% unemployment in northern NB communities.

The reality is you can’t expect $30/hour mill workers to downgrade to $9/hour call centre jobs.

Boom. Golly gee.