Sauce for the goose, Mr. Saavik

Three quick items this morning:

1. I got an interesting newsletter this morning in my inbox called: THE POLITICAL GRIST MILL Vol. 1 No. 7 May 11/08 A New Brunswick Political Newsletter. There wasn’t a link but maybe you can google it (or whoever sent it to me can provide a link). It’s a satircal look at things but I enjoyed it. I take umbrage with one line “We shouldn’t give a rat’s hind leg what Westerners think about our transfer payments.” While this sounds nice in a Clint Eastwoodian kind of way, transfer payments are heavily influenced by politics.

2. My TJ column today will likely generate nasty emails. It’s about accountability in economic development. If BNBers take offense, I apologize but if you read through the lines on this I think you might just agree with me.

3. On the way to/from Halifax yesterday I heard three mayors talk about what they wanted to do with their cities in New Brunswick. None mentioned economic development. One vaguely talked about that “Holy Grail” of local economic development – a convention centre (tongue firmly planted in cheek). But on the whole, it seems like our mayors don’t have ED top of mind.