Restating the ground rules

A few people have asked me why I allow ‘negative’ posts about economic development. They say it is kind of defeating my point. Actually, no. My point from day one back in October 2004 was to start a dialogue about economic development. That’s why I comment on the radio, write a column in the TJ, etc.

I go back to the earliest days of the Lord administration. I have used this story before but it is well worth repeating. My employer at the time, now called Enterprise Greater Moncton, convened a meeting with the new MLAs – John Betts, Joan Macalpine, Pepsi, etc. I think there were 6-7 of them in the room. There knowledge of even the most basic principles of ‘economic development’ were non-existent. John Betts wanted to know why EGM wouldn’t support funding for a ‘Christian’ bar in downtown Moncton.

It was at that point in 1999 that I realized the seriousness of the problem. When you have elected officials with such a skewed view of how economies rise/fall and what is the proper role of government in fostering an environment that leads to economic development, it is likely you will get nowhere.

So, the blog is about sharing opinions. Any commentary that doesn’t include profanity or abusive language or outright personal attacks – is in. The best way to get clarity around your view of things is to read the viewpoints of another. It forces you to get beyond the surface of your arguments and refine your arguments. Ultimately, you are stronger in your position. Or, alternatively, you see the holes in your position and are open to change.

I realize some folks take this stuff very seriously and are passionate about it. I wish we could see passion more broadly in the culture on this issue.