Percy’s short memory

Remember when former Premier Lord initiated a sustained national campaign against the federal government over Equalization? Remember all the talk in the Globe & Mail and the National Post about NB’s ‘Constitutional’ right to more Equalization? Or maybe you remember all the public threats about the Lepreau retrofit not going through without the support of the Federal government?

Apparently Percy Mockler doesn’t remember. From today’s TJ:

Premier Shawn Graham demonstrated a lack of negotiating savvy by openly pressuring the federal government about three key funding requests, says Conservative MLA Percy Mockler. Percy Mockler “You don’t negotiate through the media,” said Mockler, a former minister of intergovernmental affairs under premier Bernard Lord. “This demonstrates a total lack of judgment and a juvenile approach to negotiating. “When I read his comments, I was appalled.”

This is a age old approach. New Premier tries to build good will relationship with PM. Within a few years, Premier is restless and talks publicly about the lack of Federal support. This happened with Lord (on many fronts), it happened with McKenna and put it to you also under Hatfield.

Percy should focus on things that the opposition should be pushing: economic challenges, lack of immigration, increasing – not decreasing – need for Equalization, etc.