Online education and municipal electricity

I didn’t see this but it looks like an interesting project.

Apollo Group, Inc. has announced that it plans to establish a new Canadian institution, named Meritus University. Following review of program proposals by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission, Meritus University has received approval to offer its first three programs from the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, thereby establishing degree-granting status. Meritus University will be based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, offering complete degree programs online to working professionals throughout Canada and abroad.

They say there will be 100 administrative positions in Fredericton. I like eLearning as a growth sector. I know that Apollo’s University of Phoenix online got into some trouble and I know the last online university in Fredericton went under. I hope this one succeeds.

I see the province is going to allow municipalities and rural communities to be generators of electricity. This, I believe, is to promote community-led wind energy efforts.

Wouldn’t it be neat if one of the larger municipalities used the opportunity to partner with an international firm, build a natural gas-fired electricity facility and offered cheap electricity to attract industry?

Oh, sorry about that, I was daydreaming. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.