One track mind

I know that I have a one track mind when it comes to economic development. Maybe that is a tad overblown but when I saw the 2007 Atlantic Journalism Awards winners there was a derth of economic development related (even remotely) story winners.

Our old friend the acerbic Alec Bruce is in there as a finalist for a couple of stories that relate to economic development in Atl. Canada. The CBC’s Poitras has a piece nominated around immigration which is certainly related.

I guess stories about mill closures and energy hubs and the largest ever IT project in Atl. Canada (RIM) and the hedge fund back office industry in Halifax and the emergence of the wind energy industry etc. etc. etc. are not worthy. Maybe the media outlets put their juniors on projects related to the very future of our communities. Maybe “Naked in Cells” and Ernie Fage’s downfall are much more worthy.

Maybe if people reporting on economic issues won a few awards once in a while maybe there would be interest in chasing a few more of these stories.