Meaningful discussions

I should have probably found my way to this event in Toronto. I remember blogging about this group early on but the summit that was put on not only attracted some heavy hitters it also seems to have focused on a lot of important topics (such as industry attraction and cheap energy) rather than the usual moaning and griping about the raw deal dealt Atlantic Canada over the years or the generic tax cut, trade liberalization line (not that either one has no merit but both have been talked about for oh, let’s say, 140 years with limited outcomes).

Tangible policies like a focus on industry attraction, finding a way to become a low cost area for energy, etc. are far more interesting to me.

By the way, should we be promoting this?

The East Coast of Canada is the place to be if you are in love with more people professing about love there; 89 per cent of those from Atlantic Canada said they were in love, while only 67 per cent of those in the Pacific Coast province of British Columbia said the same on love.

Or maybe it’s that old card saw “Lucky at love, unlucky at economic development”?