Get thee online

OregonProspector was recently nominated for a Stockholm Challenge 2008 award. It is one of many websites popping up with a wide variety of site selection information. Target Nova Scotia is a good example but there are a few too many areas of the province with “no information”. If I was working on that project I would either aggregate or dig deeper for the information. Maybe empower all these local communities in small rural areas to provide information. But too many empty areas doesn’t look good. However, I give TNS an A for effort – it’s the best online site selection information in Atl. Canada.

I don’t know why ED agencies are not embracing the Web faster. It’s a very cheap way to communicate. Saint John’s Life on Your Terms is a good blog. Some communities are developing FaceBook sites for people looking to keep in touch with the local community – a good tool to help attract expatriates.

Blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos (good Saint John videos on You Tube as well), site selection websites, etc. all good stuff and relatively cheap to deploy. I even read about a few ED agencies using Second Life.

Better yet. Why not hire a couple of Millenials to focus on Web-based economic development?