Composite Learning Index

It is hard to remain positive when you see data day after day after day. Have you heard about the Composite Learning Index?

The Composite Learning Index (CLI) is the first index of its kind in the world, providing an annual measure of Canada’s performance in a number of areas related to lifelong learning.
CLI is a valuable measurement tool that recognizes how learning throughout a person’s life is critical to their success, the success of the community and the success of the country as a whole.

I don’t know their methodology but I have to report, unfortunately, that New Brunswick is tied with Newfoundland with the lowest score among the provinces.

Even more interesting is the full list (download XLS) of thousands of communities/neighbourhoods. I sorted this list by score and guess what communities are at the bottom of the list? The bottom quartile is all NB and NL communities. How about our ‘big’ cities? Fredericton is 563rd. Moncton is 1,272.