Uranium mining and fearmongering

I know nothing about uranium mining and don’t claim to but the following chain email that is being sent around is an excellent example of how people can completely distort things without one ounce of fact. Now, I know you will complain about my position but read the chain email petition and then my comments below:

Excellent example.

Uranium Mines

Subject: Uranium Mines, Read VERY IMPORTANT, matter of life or death
Did you know that they are planning to open a Uranium Mine in Saint-Antoine ? Wewould be one of five sites. No ,well neither did I until my sister told methat she saw the plans at a meeting held in Moncton. Uranium is aradioactive product. What does that mean? It causes cancer(especiallyleukemia) , birth defects and all around hazard to your health. Uranium dustcan travel up to 100 miles from the mines. What does that mean for us? Wewill no longer be able to plant gardens,no more live stock,no more appleorchards,no more fishing and what about our water supply. Everything will beinfected with Uranium dust. If the contract is signed, they have the rightto drill a half mile hole in your yard and just leave it open. That meansthat the Uranium fumes can escape from that hole and really get you good. Weneed to join together to protect our families , our kids and grand-kidsfuture. If this contract is signed our community will become a ghost town.Our property value will drop to nothing.The mines are not even being done toprofit Canada ,it is to be ship out of the country. So we get to get sickand die for a foreign country. How nice is that? I ask that you pass thisvery important e-mail to everyone you know . Write to your MLA ,speak toyour mayor. Please sign this petition and pass it along. Thanks

This is just plain fearmongering. There are no statistics cited. No credible sources. No proof of anything – just playing on a general/generic fear of radiation. “Ghost town”? Maybe but wouldn’t a law firm (the originator this email) want to cite example “Ghost towns”? “Not even to profit Canada” – Wouldn’t they want to cite their source for this?

I might be sympathetic to those who would be against such a mine but this type of email petition makes me want to support it.

Here’s my email petition:

Did you know there are people in Saint-Antoine that are actively and aggressively sabatoging the economic future of the community? Did you know that the reason why hundreds of people have moved out and are never coming back are directly related to these people? Who are they? Lawyers based right in Saint-Antoine! They are evil, conniving and are singularly focused on destroying our town. Please write your MLA and demand these people be removed. Or Saint-Antoine will become a Ghost-Town!

Not very nice, huh? Well, without any credible facts or any data to back up anything that is said the petition above, that is about how it reads to me.

If someone wants to provide me with hard data and facts, then we can have a conversation. Other than that, I think they are preying on the fears of good people in the community and that is wrong.