They will want to admire and imitate

I received a newspaper sized brochure in the mail today from Health Minister Mike Murphy on the Provincial Health Plan 2008 -2012. Murphy has been known to be a reader of this blog (at least while in Opposition) but I have to say that I am not sure why we have to serve up such over the top language. In the introduction to this report, it states “….tranformation of health care in New Brunswick into a system that the rest of the country will admire and want to imitate.”.

This is the same as the “worst to first” in education, or the post-secondary system that will be the envy of the rest of North America, etc.

I think most New Brunswickers would be very happy with average. Just plain average. We have among the worst health care in Canada. Getting us to average would be a huge goal. We have the worst test scores in standardized testing in Canada. Getting us to average would be a huge goal. Our post-secondary system has hardly been touched in 40 years. Just some basic reforms would be a huge goal. Economic self-sufficiency? I’d take limiting our need for Equalization over the next few years.

Does anything – including the Minister – think that in 2012 (at the end of this plan), other Health Ministers are going to ‘imitate’ New Brunswick?

If you shoot for the stars and reach the moon, that’s failure. If you shoot for the moon and hit it, that’s success.

Right now, I’m just looking for a government that will get off the ground at all.