Putting the ‘grass’ in grassroots

From the Tribune Online:

Need ‘City of Restigouche’
Published Wednesday April 9th, 2008
Appeared on page A7

This Friday is the deadline for people to allow their names to stand in the upcomming Municipal elections. At this time, our region is facing a very difficult situation, one that affects all municipalities. Our economy has suffered numerous setbacks since the fall but I have yet to read or hear about any regional meetings being organized by the local mayors. Thay have all talked about their own concerns, but this is a regional concern.

In the upcomming election, I will be asking all potential candidates, if they support the concept of developing the City of Restigouche and if they do not, I will not be supporting them.

Our future lies in our whole region working together to find solutions that will benefit the whole region. Our past has lead us here but we must find a new solutions.

Our local MLA has talked of East Restigouche joining together, however I believe a larger concept, the City Of Restigouche is a better solution. This is a great region and if we all work together we can rebuild our economy, our pride, and our successes.

Yours truly
Callum MacPhee