Local government and economic development

I just got a flier stuffed in my door from a prospective Councillor in my Ward. I won’t mention the person’s name because I don’t want to be personal. However, I was once again vividly reminded of how economic development just isn’t on the radar for so many politicians. They give it lip service (some of them) but this person didn’t even do that. A four page brochrure with a list of things he/she wants to get done and not one even touches on economic development with the possible exception of planning for the ‘effects of global warming’. A city councillor that doesn’t even mention anything related to economic development but he/she wants us to get prepared for global warming effects.

Look folks. Take my advice. If anyone comes to your door soliciting your vote, pin them down on what exactly they want to do in the area of economic development. Ask them what they believe the role of city hall is in this area. Ask them how much of the budget should be dedicated to it. Ask them what specific industries they would like to see fostered in the community.

If they can’t answer any of these questions with a semblance of cognition (still reeling from the assessment that this blog is written at a Grade 3 level), then find someone else.

This stuff is way to important. If councillors want to get ready for the effects of global warming, they should move to the north pole. I want city councillors that want to deal with the effects of living in the embers of a 1990s economic development policy.