Legitimate question (I think so anyway)

This is a serious question. I have been meeting with government officials the past couple of days and this issue keeps burning in the back of my mind. Someone please provide an answer based on some knowledge of the question.

Why wouldn’t the Prime Minister of Canada get on a plane with the Premier of New Brunswick and go visit Company X (a huge lead let’s say) and pitch the merits of investing in this province?

Because I don’t really buy this argument that it wouldn’t be ‘fair’. Ontario is running TV spots in global markets and advertisments in some of the most read publications in the world. Quebec the same. It seems to me that the larger provinces in Canada might not even need the PM on an investment visit. But smaller provinces like New Brunswick, with no international brand, having the PM and the country in question ambassador opening the door, I bet that they could get a meeting with Volkswagen or Microsoft or Nokia or Tata or whatever.

It just seems to me that the PM would accrue so much good will by doing a few of these each year – I can’t believe it doesn’t happen. Why the PM doesn’t want to associate directly with efforts to fix NB’s economic problems is a mystery to me. Helping site a 1,000 person manufacturing plant in Bathurst would endear him far more to the people of Northern New Brunswick than just about anything else he could do.