Fred Morley and the ‘Chi

I hope they learn from this guy.

The Greater Halifax Partnership’s Fred Morley was in town at the invitation of the Miramichi Community Action Committee, a group mandated by the government to find ways to help the Miramichi pull itself out of its recent economic hardship.His organization,the Greater Halifax Partnership, helps create links between businesses, government and the community to retain and expand existing businesses in the Halifax region, as well as attract new investment. Halifax managed to recover from a slump brought on by the loss of thousands of government jobs, and it was hoped that Morley might share some wisdom that would give the struggling Miramichi a boost. Morley thought the same methods that worked in Halifax would work in Miramichi. By organizing themselves, deciding on a common goal and identifying and making use of all available resources, he said, the region could take control of its economic destiny and lead its own recovery.