Attracting entrepreneurs

Much of the debate these days seems to be whether or not the government should either support local entrepreneurship or attract industry (the battle is crazily couched in either/or terms). I have been pondering lately a hybrid. How to attract entrepreneurs.

This is not that crazy. Iowa and several other states have VC funds that start ups can access, providing they locate in the state.

This is an interesting variation on that theme:

Scotland to offer the world’s largest prize for innovation in marine renewable energy

In a key element of his Scotland Week programme in America, First Minister Alex Salmond announced yesterday that the Scottish Government is to offer the world’s largest ever single prize for innovation in marine renewable energy.

In a major speech at the World HQ of the National Geographic Society in Washington, the First Minister announced that the first Saltire Prize will be awarded for technological advances that allow for the effective commercialisation of marine renewables demonstrated in Scotland.

The Saltire Prize is a £10 million award (US$20 million) designed to galvanise world scientists to push the frontiers of innovation in the crucial area of clean, green energy. Entrants for the prize will demonstrate their innovations in Scotland.

A $20 million prize open to worldwide researchers in the area of “marine renewable energy” and the ‘entrants must “demonstrate their innovations in Scotland”.

Good stuff.