Windsor, Ontario mayor hears a Who

I took the kids to Horton Hears a Who over the weekend. It’s standard kid movie fare but the plot centers around the Mayor of Whoville. The way the Council handles the ‘in-camera’ session is worth the price of admission. Any municipal politicians should see the movie just for that part. There is salvation. The mayor ends up being right and the council wrong.

Speaking of mayors, I see the mayor of Windsor, Ontario, Eddie Francis, “wants to keep families and cash-flow in Windsor — a city hit hard by a downturn in the manufacturing sector — by sending rotations of unemployed and willing citizens west to ease the labour crunch in Saskatchewan and Alberta. It’s a win-win situation for all involved, Francis said, but the details of the plan need to be finalized before the Windsor-West route becomes a reality”.

All due respect, mayor, it’s hardly a ‘win-win’. Splitting families apart for weeks and months at a time is not much of a win for anyone. Alberta is already complaining about the ‘migrant workforce’ and the increase in crime and the lack of any real sense of ‘community’ developing in many of the oil towns.

This kind of initiative is drastic and should be short term while Windsor gets its economic development in order.