The economic mortician

Atcon’s state-of-the-art plywood plant closed

Published Saturday March 15th, 2008
Appeared on page C1

New Brunswick’s weakened manufacturing industry has suffered yet another blow. The privately-owned Atcon Group announced Friday it is temporarily idling its state-of-the-art plywood plant in Miramichi, leaving 100 people out of work. It is the second plant closure in three days in Northern New Brunswick. On Wednesday, Olin Corp. announced the permanent closure of its two chemical plants in Dalhousie, leaving 50 employees jobless.

David Shipley’s got himself a Macabre assignment these days. Doing the post-mortems on plant closures in New Brunswick. He cuts into the cadaver and finds the cause of death. I just hope that there are two sets of people reading. One, the companies – hopefully they will learn what is killing these firms and make changes to their diet and lifestyle and two, the government – hopefully it will learn what changes need to be made to the environment – that is things under its control – to help keep these companies from dying. Power costs, wood costs, etc. are all directly influenced by government policy.