NB power and economic development

This is not a joke. I just got a note that David Hay, CEO of NB Power will be speaking at the Enterprise Central NB Business Awards Ceremony in April on the topic “NB Power and economic development: A Partnership”.

That will be worth the price of admission and more.

No where in NB Power’s mandate, vision or even in the legislation is the term “economic development” even mentioned.

I personally read the last two NB Power annual reports and the only reference in both the 2007 and the 2006 Annual Reports to “economic development” was a sentence about the benefits of wind energy.

I, personally, am very interested to hear about NB Power and the ‘partnership’ for economic development.

Very interested.

Someone sent me an email wondering if Hay had a, and I quote, “road to Damascus” conversion.

After years of running the shop, maybe he woke up and realized that NB Power is critical to economic development. Maybe he realized that high industrial rates will force business to close and make it almost impossible to attract industry. Maybe he realized that most U.S. electricity utilities spend between 3%-5% of their total annual budget on economic development. Maybe.

It’s a long way to Damascus.