Harper’s largess and other odds & ends

The folks in southern Ontario want Ottawa to shell out even more to prop up the auto sector there. Apparently, the $1.6 billion already announced in the past three years + all the new tax breaks has not been enough.

The editorial states “The Harper Tories are also in the business of helping specific businesses in a very big way. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation determined that during their first fiscal year in office, the Tories paid out $25 billion in grants, contributions and subsidies. That included $350 million to Quebec-based Pratt and Whitney Canada and $47.5 million to the Mont Tremblant ski resort.

Oh, where is a true fiscal conservative to go these days? $25 billion in one year. Guess how much of that came to New Brunswick? Well, we are 2.3% of the population so in ‘fairness’ we should have received about $570 million in “grants, contributions and subsidies” to companies here. Tee. Hee. Hee.

On a related note, here is the list of top new industrial sitings last year in the U.S. Notice that none of them were in a large urban area. Imagine a day in Canada when the top industrial projects (not including oil & gas of course) were not sited in Montreal or Greater Toronto (I guess RIM in Halifax would be a huge exception). Keep imagining.