Hallelujah moment

My Baptist upbringing intrudes. From a David Shipley article in the TJ quoting me:

“I’m not saying I don’t like the 500 job announcements, if we could land something like Research in Motion, which was landed in Halifax with 1,200 jobs, that would be a ‘hallelujah.'”

…I think most people would let out a little praise if a project that size landed here. The big ones are nice. They act as anchors. They get the local community college/university energized to proivde graduates. They are enticing to people outside New Brunswick to move back here.

But they are very hard to land. RIM’s 1,200 jobs are very hard to land. Just ask NSBI.

Obsession in journalism
Pop quiz for all the journalists out there. Is obsession journalism valid? Examples include Fox News running stories every night on Mexico border security – nothing really new just over and over again and again. Or CNN’s Lou Dobbs repeating the exact same lines every night. Or in our backyard, Al Hogan over at the T&T and his crusade against taxes. Another editorial today. I haven’t counted but there must be at least 30-40 stories this year already. Good journalism or using ink for a bully pulpit?