Halifax on a roll

This is another high wage job announcement in Halifax:

Keane Canada Inc. announced Thursday it will be creating the software applications jobs within the next five years, thanks to an investment from the province worth up to $6 million.
The Economic Development Department is kicking in $2.6 million, and the company can get up to $3.5 million through a payroll rebate program offered by the province’s business development agency.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. will pay the rebate as the company achieves hiring targets.
Jason Powell, managing director of Keane in Halifax, declined to give the salary ranges for the jobs, saying it is information he’d like to keep from his competitors.

However, he noted that in the past decade the company has paid salaries worth a total of almost $175 million to Nova Scotian employees.Economic Development Minister Angus MacIsaac said the latest provincial investment is going to a firm with a proven track record in the city.”