Codiac, New Brunswick is a safe place to live

Maclean’s has its list of safest and most crime ridden municipalities in this week’s edition. Apparently they took the top 100 municipalities by population and cross referenced them against the RCMP crime database. The problem is that the RCMP coverage areas are not the same population wise (and even municipal name wise). So then end up comparing Oromocto and Tracadie-Sheila with Toronto and Vancouver. A bit misleading, n’est-ce-pas?

Oh, by the way, you will be happy to know that Codiac, New Brunswick is a relatively safe place to live. I’ll leave this as your riddle for the day.

This is a bone-head analysis. Even if the RCMP coverage area around Tracadie-Sheila (population 4,500) is in fact 50,000, you can’t just say you are comparing the top 100 municipalities by population. That’s just plain silly. Even if it is a “MacLeans Exclusive”. Fredericton, is 92nd in Canada by population. Oromocto is 450th.

Sometimes I think MacLean’s is so blinded by the need to have a WOW sotry on the front page that they do shoddy journalism. At least statistically, this fits the case.