Centreville plant

Responding to my post earlier this week about a Centreville firm joint venture in China, a poster sent a really nasty reply related the good TJ story on the subject. In it, the writer states:

Thomas Equipment Inc. has inked a deal with a global manufacturing firm to produce its skid steer loader in China, a move that will see production shift from its Centreville plant by 2009.

Now, as I read this, the head office functions will remain in Centreville. I don’t want to be cavalier about this but China is a reality and I would rather have a New Brunswick company with head office jobs here and manufacturing in China rather than both head office (the higher paying jobs) and manufacturing in China. Maybe, we should make New Brunswick the destination for North American head or back office operations of Chinese firms. Or maybe not. But just burying our heads in the sand and using examples like this to say that New Brunswick should cut itself off from the global economy makes no sense to me whatsoever.