Turn down the pressure valve

Well, I have had my intellect, credibility, experience, writing skills and career slammed in recent commentary. And that’s not the personal stuff. So, to move the subject off my person foibles and inadequacies, let’s start arguing about oil again! Doesn’t that sound fun?

The southeastern tip of South Dakota is the lone identified short-list location for the first new U.S. oil refinery built in more than three decades. Trumpeted as “the gold standard for all future refineries,” Hyperion Energy’s 1,800-employee operation has inched a little closer to reality. Dallas-based Hyperion is eyeing a 3,882-acre (155-hectare) South Dakota site 12 miles (19 km.) north of Elk Point, part of the Sioux City metro that stretches into Iowa and Nebraska. If the so-called Siouxland Site is selected, it would see an estimated capital investment of $10 billion, the second largest in U.S. history, trailing only Boston’s Big Dig.

I wonder where the Saint John refinery plans are these days??