The wacky and weird

I heard a really strange thing on CBC Information Morning in Freddy this morning. Terry Seguin (sp?) was reading an email from a listener about NB Power and large industrial power rates. It was clear that this was likely an ex-civil servant or someone who has absolutely no idea about the correlation between power rates and economic development.

Anyway, this guy recommended that New Brunswick sell NB Power and put the money into a ‘heritage’ fund for future generations of New Brunswickers.

Now, here’s the point. If I wrote to Terry and said “the best way to reduce greenhouse gases would be to put water in our gas tanks” would he read this out? What is the screening process for listener comments?

The government would have to pay someone to take NB Power. The utilities debt is so high the government would need to assume some of the debt in order to make it attractive to a potential buyer.

Heritage fund? Amazing what gets said. And all those Freddy swivel servants nodding in agreement while sipping their Tims. Nutbar.

The CBC is right to have a debate and discussion about electricity and energy policy in New Brunswick and I hope they show both sides of the issue so the public can have a balance on which to make a decision.

But reading this wacko commentary from a listener doesn’t make any sense.

This is not about NB Power. That’s a cop out. The government decides energy policy. The government writes legislation on what it wants to do with NB Power. Simple.