Tee hee hee

The ‘sleuth’ in the Times & Transcript is running another ‘rumour’ about Bernard Lord running in the next federal election. She says “There are some rumours that just refuse to die and Sleuth was hit again this week with one that has more lives than most cats.”

The reason it refuses to die is because the T&T keeps it going. No other media outlet is talking about it. The former Premier isn’t talking about it. I think Edith Robb and Al Hogan want their boy back on the scene and they figure if they talk about it enough, they might get their way.

Another LOL moment from the TJ is the PC energy critic’s comments:

Opposition MLA Bruce Northrup, energy critic for the provincial Progressive Conservatives, said the Tories are “a little bit happy” that the rate increase has been cut to 5.9 per cent.
However, he noted “it’s still an increase.” “The government is putting the money in their pocket and not the good people of New Brunswick’s pockets.”

You will recall that in the early 1990s, New Brunswick was one of the lowest cost producers of electricity in Canada. Now, after the Tories and their great energy policies, we are now importing electricity from Quebec because it is cheaper that producing power at Colson Cove.

Someone serious told me we should just hand the keys to NB Power over to Hydro Quebec. It may be a good idea.

Finally, in the chuckle column, I find it absolutely fascinating that no media outlet picked up the story of the Nova Scotia Premier ringing the closing bell at the NYSE this week on Wall Street. We got literally 10 or more stories about Shawn Graham’s every move in Toronto – but nothing on a story that has 10 times the significance. Macdonald is only the second Canadian Premier in history to ring the bell and the NS delegation was in New York touting their growing financial services back office cluster.

Maybe I am the only one that finds that funny but I really do. Note to the NB media. If you aren’t reporting what others are doing, how will your readers be able to compare how we in New Brunswick are doing?