Sometimes, the destination is the destination

You’ve heard the old epistemological saying about “the journey being the destination”. I guess that’s fine in some contexts but when it comes to economic development, the destination is the destination.

I read this morning in the T&T about the Premier’s trip to Toronto to woo businesses. If I was advising the Premier, I wouldn’t even talk about this stuff. It’s just process. They say McKenna made 30 calls to business leaders per day. Wait, and then tell us about results. The new companies setting up in New Brunswick, for example.

Former Premier Lord loved to talk process “the journey being the destination” kinds of things. Trade missions with Manitoba of all places. Missions to Russia. Speeches in Calgary. At the end of the day, a cynic might conclude these were never about results as we were never provided follow up with the details of all the jobs that came out of the mission with Manitoba to Texas. The cynic might conclude they were about making politicians look good – rather – busy.

These days I prefer my politicians out of sight, quietly getting it done. Of course, I am not talking about Richard Hatfield in the last three years out of sight.