I just listened to Michigan’s governor ranting about the outrage that Ontario is now manufacturing more cars that her state. This, she said, is proof that NAFTA isn’t working. It must be reformed.

But, Madam,

The southern U.S. now produce more cars than Ontario – far more – Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, etc.

Will changing NAFTA, change this fact?

The Democrats are in a bind in this Presidental year, IMO. In order to secure the working class, they are jeopardizing just about every other class. NAFTA is not perfect but the facts show that it sent lower value, lower wage jobs to Mexico and created higher value, higher wage jobs in the USA.

I am not saying there wasn’t displacement. It is still being felt in Michigan, et. al.

But, on balance, the return to Lou Dobbsian protectionism will be a major step back.