A couple of blogs back, I said that New Brunswick should target the Arabian Peninsula. These countries have piles of cash to invest abroad to diversify their holdings. They are doing developments all over Europe and the US.

Calgary is listening (not to me to the concept):

Calgary Economic Development (CED) is coordinating a strategic trade mission to the Middle East in March, to explore the abundant opportunities for Calgary companies to create business synergies in that region. Several Calgary energy and real estate companies will meet with business leaders in Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai from March 1- 6, 2008. Mayor Dave Bronconnier will be accompanying this mission. The focus of the mission will be on clean energy, capital projects and real estate investment.

With us it’s always follow the leader. Take my advice. Eastern Europe. Go to Eastern Europe. Do deals with the outsourcers there to put their nearshore North American IT development centres in New Brunswick.

Oh and don’t forget about Dubai.

Think about Scandanavia.