The wheels on the bus go round and round

This is the front page of the Halifax Chronicle Herald in 1977. The top economic developer for Nova Scotia is trying to convince Nova Scotians that the province needs more global business investment to find a ‘balance’ between large investors and small businesses.

A “SMOOTHING OUT” of the “hills and valleys” of the province’s economy was essential for Nova Scotia’s future, said Dean Salsman, president of Industrial Estates Ltd. (IEL). He called “a balanced industrial base of small business and large investors” the key, and anticipated that 1978 would be “a year of marked industrial growth.” Mr. Salsman cited a second container pier for Halifax, major upgrading of the Dockyard and potential orders for both Trenton car works and Sydney Steel Corp. as encouraging signs.”

I could have written this article. I have been calling for ‘balance’ – just like Mr. Salsman. The problem is that while people like Salsman and Campbell have been calling for this for decades, we still remain on the fringes of the North American economy from the perspective of attracting multinational businesses.