Morning smile

I was listening to a BBC podcast of the Iowa caucus results last night. In that same podcast, they covered the ongoing crisis in Kenya. There was something interesting. The BBC announcer pronounced the following names like this:

President of Kenya and ‘thief’ of the Kenyan election: Mwai Kibaki (pronounced Mwike-ib-a- kee)

‘Thief’ of the Iowa caucus for the Republicans: Mike Huckabee (pronounced Mike-huck-a-bee)


I think not.

Another cute story this morning. The T&T is talking about the potentially significant fines if you dump snow on the roads in Moncton. Funny, the city can dump a truck load of snow on my road (my driveway) and not pay a penny. Hmmm. You know what I am talking about. The snow piles are so large that when the plow comes by an open driveway, it’s like pressure being relieved from a steam valve. Wooosh. Five feet of crap for me to shovel. But heaven help me if I accidentally let a drop of snow from my driveway onto the street. Fines galore.