Understanding Robichaud

I think one of our problems in New Brunswick is that we don’t study our own history. I am guilty as charged. I have read a few books about its economic history and a few books on its founding history (two recent books on Acadie and the expulsion) but very few of a broader nature.

For example, when Louis Robichaud was doing his thing – that eventually led to him being considered the greatest Premier in New Brunswick history – I was in diapers. And that was in the latter portion of his tenure.

I do occassionally get to chat with folks that are familiar with that period in our history and I am regaled with stories of Louis bringing in the top Medicare guy from Saskatchewan to get it rolled out here and his sending Norbert Theriault to take on the Irvings and other such snippets.

But at the same time, Robichaud was unceremoniously dumped after 10 years.

Everyone invokes his name these days but I am not sure how many of us actually know the record.

The time might be right for someone to revisit Robichaud’s effort and help us better understand its applicability (if any) to today.