Sneak preview

This is pretty juicy stuff. I think I’ll write it up in my TJ column soon but I’ll give you a sneak preview.

The recent release from the 2006 Census provides some interesting data for consideration by economic development professionals. Atlantic Canada remains the region of Canada with a very low rate of immigrant attraction. This is considered by some to be a major roadblock to future population growth.

However, the Atlantic Provinces have a demonstrated capacity to attract interprovincial migrants (folks moving between provinces). In fact, the four provinces have a higher rate of interprovincial migration over the five year period 2001-2006 than all other provinces except Alberta. 6.5% of the population 5+ living on Prince Edward Island in 2006 was living in another province in 2001 – over four times higher than Ontario.

New Brunswick had the worse performance at attracting interprovincial migrants but still well above the national average.

Now, don’t forget this doesn’t show the people moving out. We still have ‘net’ out-migration. But the mere fact that over 31,000 people moved to New Brunswick from another province over a five year period has to be good news and proof that people will move here – one presumes for the ‘right’ opportunity.