New Census data out today

On language, mobility and immigration. I don’t have time to analyze this for you but here are a few quick stats to chew on:

73% of the people (7,115 in total) moving into Greater Moncton from outside the province over the last five years are Anglophones, 3% are not Francophone or Anglophone and 24% are Francophone.

There are 1,390 ‘external migrants’ to the Moncton CMA over the past five years – that’s up from previous Census’ but still means less than 300 immigrants per year on a population of 126,000. That’s a serious problem.

The majority of f0lks moving to Greater Moncton from inside New Brunswick are Anglophone (54% of the 14,600 people moving in).

The overall number of people that live in Greater Moncton that didn’t live here five years ago? 23,105 people or about 1 in 5 of the people over the age 5.