Dalhousie on my mind

You know I appreciate all the effort to keep failing pulp, paper and sawmills propped up but I think most of that is being done because nobody’s looking at any real new ideas. I have talked about a lack of imagination these days and I really see it in northern New Brunswick.

What about this?

Here’s the blurb:

Ascension Economic Development Corp. is at the forefront of identifying large tracts of land available for fast development in southeast Louisiana and creating the first “certified” deep water megasites in the country along the Mississippi River working with Peake Consulting, a national site selection and development firm. The two sites identified are over 1,000 acres and are located on the Mississippi River with numerous other location advantages including utility infrastructure, suitability for dock construction, rail and an available workforce.

Now, the port of Belledune is a deep water port. It has rail access. It has large tracts of land that could be made available.

Why aren’t we doing this? The first Canadian ‘certified’ deep water megasite. Attract a Volkswagen plant. Howdy doody.

You got a better idea?