Film industry booming

You just gotta love New Brunswick government officials and their partners in spin, the media which recently ran a headline about the ‘boom’ in New Brunswick’s film industry. New Brunswick Film says the industry has grown from $13 million in 2005 to $18 million in 2006, with $22 million to $25 million worth of business expected in 2007.

Out of the $2.5 billion spent across Canada – roughly 1%. Boom.

Yeah, but you say we can’t compete with British Columbia and Ontario – that’s not a fair comparison. Nova Scotia Film figures show that province‚Äôs industry expanded from $104 million in 2005 to $121 million in 2006.

Or over five times the size of New Brunswick’s industry. Boom.

But in true McKenna/Lord/Graham style, the executive director of New Brunswick Film sees “significant growth” ahead for the province. Just like his predecessor said. And the one before that. And the first guy that took up the post under McKenna.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about aerospace, film, life sciences, back offices, animation, green energy, IT outsourcing or the manufacture of bootstraps, spending five bucks, hanging out a shingle and putting on a goofy grin is no substitute for real leadership, real investment and real community leadership on sector development.