Beware the wrath of Bruce

I see the Self Sufficiency Action Plan is quoting Alec Bruce:

It’s all very well to talk about New Brunswick’s emerging industrial clusters, technology centres of excellence, and innovative economic sectors, but none of it means much when the crucial resource needed to power these initiatives is vanishing. As absurdly simple as it sounds, people, not governments, build long-term economic capacity. They launch businesses, invent new products and services, and employ relatives, friends, and strangers. They inspire others to become entrepreneurs, exporters, teachers, lawyers, doctors, architects and engineers. They enrich and diversify the culture. They buy stuff, and they pay taxes.
Alec Bruce, Voice of the People Telegraph Journal (May 4, 2007)

In my mind, the true test of the success of this government will be their ability to quote Alec Bruce after three or four years in power. When his BS-O-Meter starts to go off, they will likely not be able to find many quotes to use. The flip side of that is if they actually start to do what they say they will be doing, maybe Bruce will be kind.