The straight talk tax express didn’t stop in British Columbia

I guess the Jack Mintz Straight Talk Tax Express didn’t make it to British Columbia. What was it Jack said just last week in New Brunswick? Oh, that’s right. He said that tax credit programs were what “poor nations, less developed countries try to do, to target things. It really just creates a big fiscal cost where you could do things a lot better.

Well, B.C. is extending its lucrative ‘tax breaks’ to support the $1.2 billion, 20,000 job film industry in that province.

I guess B.C. would quality as a ‘poor nation’ or maybe just a ‘less developed country’ just like Ontario which is the best ‘targeter’ of them all.

I have a theory that guys like Mintz love to come down to the ‘poor nations’ like New Brunswick and wax poetic. The shame is that the newspaper editors and policy influencers eat this stuff up like, well like, less developed countries listening to the World Bank or the IMF.

There’s a lesson to be learned here somewhere.