The labour market polka

It’s a fascinating comment on, well, something. The labour market articles in the morning papers today followed the same formula as always:

Quote almost directly from the government news release

Get a quote from Sam LeBreton how great things are

Get a quote from the labour Minister with some over the top rhetoric about how wonderful the growth is (even though six months ago they were warning about dire consequences without ‘massive’ change). Here’s the quote in the TJ:

While Ed Doherty, New Brunswick’s post-secondary education, training and labour minister, said in a statement he was “pleased to see that we are experiencing this extraordinary growth in both our labour force and the numbers of employed in our province,” Jeannot VolpĂ©, Leader of the Official Opposition, said in a statement he was concerned about the province’s consistently high unemployment rate.

Minister Doherty is pleased with the ‘extraordinary’ growth:

Employment (000s)
Seasonally Adjusted – Last Four Months

June -365.4
July – 362.2
Aug – 363.2
Sept- 363.1

Extraordinary growth – down 2,000 employed from June to September.

I’m just saying.

You know I don’t put much stock in these monthly surveys as they are just that – a survey.

But live by the sword, die by the sword. When the mill closures start (and I count three more in the past two weeks) start settling in, what will the Minister say? “Extraordinary?” “A shining example of the success of his government?”