I am not going to publish another long winded blog on the labour market survey and the government’s press release. Except to say that I continue to be amazed and actually saddened that the current government is exactly like the previous one when it comes to using this monthly survey for plain old propaganda.

If the month-to-month #s look good, they will ignore the year-over-year. When the year-over-year looks good, they ignore the month-to-month. If the jobs numbers look bad, they use the unemployment rate. If the unemployment rate goes up, they compare it to last year.

Whatever. Same crap different day.

I still think that they should be using this venue to stress the friggin’ points they made in their self sufficiency plan.

If they continue to spoon feed us with this dopey, Martha Stewart crap, how will they ever energize us to support the ‘hard’ decisions needed to get to ‘self-sufficiency’?