Rodney Weston’s grin

I read Rodney Weston’s op-ed piece in the TJ this morning. He basically was telling Shawn Graham “I told you so” – it easy to lob softballs from the opposition benches but much harder to make decisions once in power.

Maybe it was coincidence or maybe on purpose but the TJ editorial was about Graham’s inability to make a decision and the parallels with Bernard Lord’s inability to make decisions.

So, Weston glee over Graham’s problems is a little misplaced. We had seven years (maybe less 200 days) of dithering and inaction and now we hear from old Weston that this is just the reality of running a government.

I don’t think so. We keep hearing that Graham is about to make some bold decisions. In fact, he said that year one was about studying and year two would be about action.

We’ll see. But the grumbling begins.