Kudos to Danny Williams

I see that Danny Williams just pummeled his opponents last night in Newfoundland & Labrador.

He is seen as a strong leader standing up for the province. Standing up to big oil. To big Steve. A vote for me, he said, is a vote to keep fighting Stephen Harper.

But I watch the numbers each month and go increasingly alarmed. Newfoundland & Labrador’s population continues to drop. I think it is down something like 14% from its peak in the 1990s and every month, the labour market survey estimates another decline.

The dirty little secret to the offshore oil and gas industry is that it is not a large creator of jobs. After the platforms are built, there may be a few hundred jobs – and that’s it.

So, to echo NBT’s comments on these pages yesterday, old DW should channel all that goodwill and cash into a broad approach with a 20-25 year view that really looks at what the Rock could become. He has the luxury to have cash to spend – or to cut taxes – or whatever policy tool he wants.

And another $1,000 baby bonus won’t cut it. More babies in Newfoundland means more workers in western Canada in 20 years.

Congrats to General Williams. Now, go to work.