A radio quality face

In the 1990s, I had the opportunity to take an executive sales course. We were learning how to sell big ticket items to C level executives. The thought was that selling New Brunswick to a company on a deal that would cost them $25 million or so of investment, was worth an ‘executive sales’ approach.

Anyway, the facilitator of this session told me at the time I had a “radio quality voice”. Judging from the mug shot the TJ has associated with my column today, I seem to also have a “radio quality face”. Anyhoo.

The TJ biz editor Stonehouse is quite cheeky. He runs a full story on the state of the call centre sector above my column saying we need to get beyond call centres. This actually makes sense as I am not slamming the CC sector in my piece. I like the CC sector. There are a lot of great firms. I just think we need to get beyond the $9/hour version.