This is stupid

Usually, the Canadian Press does a little more homework. Here is their story about the closure of Connect North America last week.

It’s a reality check for job-hungry Maritime governments that actively recruited call centres in the 1990s to provide quick jobs in depressed areas.

They are quoting AIMS, APEC – but cripes.

Why didn’t they check their facts? Connect North America is a New Brunswick firm. From the company’s website:

Connect North America Corporation was incorporated in 1992 with the creation of an inbound center located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

There are two facts that CP didn’t care to mention:

1. The company is a small, NB-based firm that was never well capitalized.
2. The firm offered low end customer service and telemarketing functions.

Now, to its credit CP does say:

While some of the more sophisticated contact centres have remained, especially in the IT and financial services areas, other centres that live from contract to contract, calling out to sell everything from phone service to insurance, are transient.

But then they go on and on about the transience of call centres quoting the mighty AIMS.

UPS has been here for 14 years and has no plans to downsize. There are others that have been here almost 20 years.

Sure, some of the low end telemarketing firms migrate around.

But the inference in this article is that McKenna attracts call centres and now they are leaving and that is just not true.

Check your facts, CP.