The paradox of government wages

Yesterday, someone sent me a long winded email in response to my post recently about the government needing to hire real salespersons to promote New Brunswick. These guys/gals should be both in-market (as per the recommendations in 1955) and here in New Brunswick. They should be highly professional, properly remunerated sales folks – not functionnaires brought in to ‘manage files’. The first test for a BNB employee should be 25 cold calls to potential investors in New Brunswick.

This person told me that I don’t know what I am talking about because the government can’t afford to hire good salespersons at the existing wage scales.

My response to him and you is this.

We can pay a 30% premium for adminstrative workers in the government but pay a 30% discount for sales guys/gals?


Why is it that the government overpays for admin and support salaries and underpays for professional staff?

For me, that’s more an issue of political will. If you are having ‘structural’ problems hiring sales guys/gals, move to an NSBI model. I don’t know what Lund is paying but he’s got a crackerjack team down there.