Sliding willingly into the 7th level of hell

Stephen Harper has appointed Stephen Richardson as the Associate Deputy Minister of Finance.

Richardson is currently Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Tax Foundation.

Now, is it just me or do you agree that ADM at the Department of Finance would be like slow, grinding torture for the former CEO of the CTF?

I mean the Tories have cranked up spending on virtually all fronts since arriving on the scene. Equalization, more EI, more provincial transfers, new TPC funding program and I read last week they have actually reworked and relaunched the sponsorship program that was the source of all the problems for the Libs in Quebec. More dough for biofuels plants in western Canada. On and on. Serve it up.

So, I would think that Richardson will be yelling “Don’t tase me, bro‘” on a daily basis. It will be like clipping electrodes to his nipples and zapping him hourly.

Oh, I know you CTF supporters think you are getting and ‘inside guy’ and that CTF thinking will pervade the federal Dept. of Finance.

But think about it. With the current political context, do you really think that PM Harper of Canada’s New Government is really going to ease up on the pork barrelling?

Don’t tase me, bro!